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FAA IMAGE 1Management Consultant & Certified Public Accountants

  • Direct financial audits and management consulting service engagements for numerous nonprofit entities, including voluntary health and welfare organizations, trade associations, economic and community development corporations, religious organizations and housing cooperatives.
  • Direct audit in accordance with OMB Circular A-128 and A-133 for state and local government agencies and nonprofit organizations that receive government funding OMB Circular A-133 client include Peculiar People Ministries, Inc., Ward and Ward Associates, and Hope Health Services, Inc.
  • Participated with the KPMG to perform an audit of all federal funds (85 grants) at the University of the District of Columbia. This was a single audit pilot project administered by the Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Participated with William Adley & Company to perform A-128 audits of District of Columbia agencies, including the Department of Health and Human Services, Housing and Community Development, Public and Assisted Housing, and Recreation.
  • Participated in annual financial and compliance audits of the Non profit organization. Performed tests of fixed asset balances, including testing of additions and recalculations of depreciations. Performed an analytical review of expenses, investigating any unusual or significant variations.  Performed test of cash balances, including confirmation with the banks.  Identified grants and classified as either major or non-major.  Performed substantive test of the general ledger account balances.
  • Participated with the William Adley & Company to perform compilation of accounting records for the University of District of Columbia.

Department of Treasury - CFO Act Audit, Treasury Forfeiture Fund (TFF)
Participated in the Fiscal year 1995 annual financial statement audits of the Treasury Forfeiture Fund required by the CFO Act. Served as a senior EDP specialist to evaluate the systems access, systems changes, and systems development controls. I assisted in planning and developing profiles and review plan.  These system review plans required a full understanding of TFF=s internal control structure that provided reasonable assurance of achieving the internal control objectives described in paragraphs d. (1), (2), and (3) of OMB Bulletin No. 93-06, Audit Requirements for Federal Financial Statements.

General Service Administration(GSA) - Financial Management Systems review- Section 7 of OMB Circular  A-127
Participated with the staff of KPMG Peat Marwick in review of Fleet Management Systems, Customer Supply Center Systems, Disbursement Office File, PC Batch, Invoice Tracking and Payment, and Utility Profile Payment Systems for GSA in accordance with GSA-provided review guidelines based on Section 7 of OMB Circular A-127.  These entire financial management systems interface with NEAR which is consistent with the Standard General Ledger.  NEAR is the mainframe financial management system.  Served as a senior analyst on the engagement. Task performed included developing profiles and review plans for all the six systems. Tested its compliance with applicable principles, standards and related requirements of GSA and OMB Circular A-127. Responsibilities included evaluation of computer related controls such as security program, access control, program change control, segregation of duties, and application controls including controls over the data input, data output, and data authorization, completeness, validity, and accuracy.

Resolution Trust Corporation - Expiration Evaluation Review -EER
Served as a senior on the review of expiration evaluation for RTC.  The review was performed in compliance with the required laws and regulations of the RTC. I evaluated the performance and contract risks of expiring and on-going RTC contracts.  These reviews identified internal control weaknesses, waste, fraud, and abuse; questioned costs, potential cost recoveries and savings; and non-compliance with laws and regulations and contract provisions.  Made recommendations based on my analysis, assessment and results of my evaluation.  I prepared reports on each assigned contract and delivered complete, well-documented working papers.

Department of Justice - Bureau of Prisons commissary trust fund
Participated in the Fiscal year 1993 annual financial statement audits of the Bureau of Prisons commissary trust fund in accordance with CFO Act.  As a senior auditor my responsibilities included assisting in planing and performing control and substantive tests and analytical review of various financial records such as: cash receipts, revenue, cash disbursements, payroll and other accounts balances.  I reviewed the inmates's Deposit Fund account for reconciliation with the control account in the Financial Management System (FMS) in accordance with OMB Bulletin No. 94-01.

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development/Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
Participated in Nationwide review of approved lenders= mortgage insurance claims files to determine compliance with HUD regulations for submitting insurance claims and identify overpayment, accuracy of claims in recovering over $25 million in inappropriate claims for HUD.  Have acquired an extensive experience relating to Due diligence, the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) and OMB Bulletins A-123, A-127 and A-130

Department of Energy- Payroll/Personnel Systems Review
Participated with the staffs of Price Waterhouse in review of Payroll/Personnel systems, for the Department of Energy, in accordance with CFO Act. Task performed included review of the system reference manual to prepare profiles, and review plans that required understanding of the payroll and personnel systems, and the internal control structures.  Tested its compliance with applicable principles, standards and related requirements of GAO, OMB circular A-127, and Joint Financial Management Improvement Program.   As a senior auditor my responsibilities also included compliance and detailed testing of payroll/personnel system and internal control review and assisted in preparation of review report.

Served as a senior auditor, I performed annual financial audits of nonprofit entities in accordance with the requirements of OMB Circular A-133.  Duties included general ledger account analysis and reconciliation’s draft opinions as well as develop recommendations for improvement in clients internal control procedures.

General Accounting Office- Determination of Gross cash recovery
Participated with the Staffs of Price Waterhouse in review of mortgage services such as: Recoll Corporation in Boston and Bank of New Hampshire in accordance with GAO guidelines.  Task performed included asset valuation review services for FDIC on several loans portfolios (which included residential and commercial real estate, hotels/motels, and office buildings) for purpose of determining gross cash recovery.

Audits and Review
Performed several financial and compliance audits of various financial institutions, mortgage and real estate, and nonprofit organizations.

Accounting & Tax Services
Performed compilation of financial statements and preparation of corporate tax returns of small to medium-size businesses.  Clients base included nonprofits government contractors, legal practitioners, and retail proprietors.

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