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FAA IMAGE 1Overall, FAARC can be characterized as an aggressive, result-oriented financial services, training and public accounting firm that has the talent and expertise necessary to ensure success.  The firm has established a track record of excellent service for its clients and venture partners.  FAARC intends to continue its advances in the financial and training consulting services globally.

FAA Recovery Consulting Ltd, has the capability to respond rapidly to client requests such as training consulting services, and we are capable of responding rapidly to the engagement in a wide range of functional and technical areas.  Furthermore, all of our staff assigned to the engagement is available for engagement within the boundaries of the District of Columbia as well as outside its boundaries when necessary.  Our success in this area is attributed to the fact that we have a large pool of well-qualified staff available to start the engagement immediately after the contract award date as well as several key elements.

The capacity to respond quickly to client’s requests is dependent upon our ability to work with the client to develop an understanding of the scope of the proposed effort and the ability to develop and execute a project plan that produces the desired results within the specified budget and time constraints. Our ability to respond rapidly to this engagement is significantly enhanced because the response is produced within an established management and quality control framework.  Also, our project start-ups and delivery are rapid because each member of the team understands the management and quality control standards applicable to the task at hand. 

Our Clients include:

Department of Treasury - CFO Act Audit, Treasury Forfeiture Fund (TFF)

General Service Administration(GSA)

Resolution Trust Corporation

Department of Justice

Dept. of Housing and Urban Development/Federal Housing Administration (FHA)

Department of Energy

District of Columbia Government

dot Accounting and Auditing
dot Management Consulting Services
dot Training and Consultancy in Strategic Financial Management
dot Public Policy Consulting
dot System Design and Development
dot Leadership Training
dot Consultancy in Risk Management and Corporate Governance
dot Project Management Consulting
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